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Forever Analog Magazine is proud to announce that our fourth print publication (pre-order here) will be released and released for summer 2021. We are excited to bring you a unique journal featuring nine analog and experimental photographers from around the world, each exploring various methods of using the medium we love individually and creatively.

Inside you will find interviews with Chris McCaw, Joseph R. Webb, and David michael kennedy. Next to them are the characteristics of the portfolio of Galina kurlat, Marky Kauffmann, Mateusz zurowski, Olivier Du Tre, RJ Kern, and Vanessa Leroy. This edition is a tantalizing mix of masters of alternative processes, emerging photojournalists and brilliant studio photographers who all bring the eternal spirit of film and film photography to our doorstep with their exceptional dedication to their craft.

Forever Analog Magazine, Edition 4 will take readers on a photographic journey around the world through the eyes of nine different artists. Through this publication, you will be transported from the artists’ private and commercial studios, experiencing both their lives and their chemistry, to the streets of North Philadelphia, where we are presented with a nuanced visual portrait of urban socio-economic realities. On your way, you’ll see someone harness the destructive power of the sun to create unique, large-format images before being transported to decontextualized cinematic scenes that leave only your imagination to you. You will have the opportunity to explore the mind and collections of abstract, experimental, documentary and landscape photographers as unique as they are brilliant.

With around 150 pages of great analog photography, coming in summer 2021, we are delighted to present to you this rundown of the artists selected for Forever Analog Magazine, to satisfy your senses until you can hold our publication in your hands. Please enjoy this preview, explore the websites, follow them on social media, and get ready for Part 4 of our analog journalism revolution!

Finally, we could not make our publication possible without the support of our sponsors. We would like to thank the following companies for their support and generosity as we prepare to launch Edition 4. We are delighted to print our publication with Edition One Books in Richmond, California! We also thank Blue moon camera, CineStill Film, Freestyle Photographic Supplies, Bergen County Camera, and Darkroom photo to be incredible supporters of Forever Analog Magazine. Thank you!

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