10 Photoshop and Lightroom tools you probably didn’t know existed

Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom are extremely in-depth editing suites that have been developed over so many years, it’s hard to keep up with all the features. Here are some of the lesser known tools, courtesy of Adobe themselves.

I first chose Adobe Photoshop to do digital art around 2004 (I wish I had gone on for 17 years to cash in during the first NFT gold rush, but here we are.) I thought the software was so complex, I would never master it. Then I thought I was wrong, then I realized I was right; that old knowledge curve that we all know. The difficulty is that the software gets deeper and more complex every year, so you try to catch up with a moving target, and that target moves away from you.

Most of the time, the latest features that don’t make it on my radar don’t for a good reason. Which is to say, I would never use them anyway. However, every once in a while I come across tutorials for one of the rigs that contain something buried; A tool I didn’t know existed. This video released by Adobe Creative Cloud is led by Terry White and he goes over its top 10 features that you might not have known existed.

My favorite inclusion in this list is the one I only learned about earlier this year: the content-aware move tool. It’s great for rearranging your image features quickly and easily. What’s your favorite lesser-known tool from Adobe?

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