10 Best Photo Labs For Mail Film Developing | 2022

In recent years, daily Instagram Feed and modern wallets have been flooded with perfectly toned shots of analog photography. Did filming a movie gain popularity due to the cyclical nature of trends, an influx of avid fans, or a Kendall Jenner selfie in 2018? Probably all of the above, and more. Either way, manufacturers are struggling to produce rolls fast enough to keep up with growing demand, which makes finding popular film stocks from Kodak, Fuji filmIlford, Cinestill, and others nearly impossible at your local movie store (if you even have one left). And once you’ve found a film, where can you get it developed? Luckily for everyone, this increase in mainstream interest has led to a resurgence in high-quality film development services. Which is huge.

Because, (Hot plug warning) digitizing your film is just as important as how you shoot it, if not more so. Scanning is an elaborate art form requiring years of practice to be performed to the highest standards for any photographer, and the process is different for color negative film and black and white film. Perfecting your photo with color science and the correct tonnage balances will make or break the quality of your final image. Unless you prefer to digitize the film yourself, many creatives choose to send them to a lab with more experience and better (read: expensive) equipment.

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